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Risk&Co assists public actors across the entire spectrum of safety, security and logistics at the international level. The specific organisation set up by Risk&Co, its references, security clearances and authorisations enable it to operate in a reactive and secure way in over fifty countries. Risk&Co’s global service offer stems from its unique operational experience and benefits from the integration of a multi-sector expertise.

Operational support services

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The "Government Services" offer covers four major and complementary services:

Security of personnel abroad

Public agents operating abroad (diplomats, international civil servants, seconded experts, development workers, etc.) are particularly exposed to certain types of risk because of their status.

Risk&Co’s teams contribute directly to their protection by providing them with personalised support at every stage of their mission, whether during its preparation (training) or during its execution (real-time information, geolocation, escort and operational assistance).

Support for the protection of infrastructures and institutions

Public facilities and infrastructures must comply with both high and appropriate security standards. Whether such infrastructures perform specific functions (embassies, ministries, military installations, critical service providers, etc.) or are dedicated to hosting the public (cultural institutes, schools, agency offices, etc.), Risk&Co’s consulting engineers help ensure their security, including in the cyber domain.

Their expertise covers entire projects’ cycles, from the design phase to delivery of the work. In the operational phase, the experts can implement ad hoc support strategies, by operating directly with public players, particularly in risk-prone areas.

Support and logistic solutions for international public players

In order to be effective and credible, international public player must be able to operate at any time and in any place. This requires services and resources that are both responsive and operational at all times. Risk&Co directly supports its public partners by enabling them to safely cope with the constraints of time and space.

In the logistics field, mores specifically, Risk&Co ensures the protection, transport and tracking of public goods and provides postal/shipping and parcel services that help connect with overseas facilities (embassies, military installations, etc.).

Public policy support and consulting

International projects are becoming increasingly complex and involve a growing number of actors, both public and private (contractors, donors, consultants, NGOs, etc.). For governments, these projects require them to master the issues at stake and to identify and anticipate the consequences of their actions.

Risk&Co’s experts and analysts advise and assist governments in the definition of numerous public policies and support them in their implementation: anti-corruption, development aid, security analysis and geopolitical watch, trade and export, etc.

A unique and proven expertise, tailored for public actors

The services developed by Risk&Co are based on the unique combination of six specific areas of expertise :

Complex projects design:
Travel security and monitoring:
Physical infrastructure protection:
Compliance and anti-corruption support:
Protection of communications and sensitive data:
ISR and UAV project engineering:

Operations in risk-prone areas (diplomatic action, partnership projects, development aid, etc.) entail properly identifying the associated risks (physical, reputational, political, financial) and mitigating them by implementing appropriate corrective measures.


As a historical partner of public actors, Risk&Co understands their expectations and constraints (discretion, reliability, respect of costs and deadlines) and has developed a unique expertise in this field. This expertise fully integrates the knowledge of experienced engineers, analysts and operational staff, which enables Risk&Co to advise public players at every stage of their international activities and to support them on thematic and specific projects.

Expertise in the preparation, monitoring and support of public agents and operators, has formed an integral part of Risk&Co’s core business since its foundation, in 1994. Such expertise enjoys the ISO 9001 guarantee since 2017.


Risk&Co has developed an innovative approach in this field, combining operational experience and digital resources, covering each stage of an official trip: preparation (approved e-learning training courses), information (travel management tool), monitoring and analysis (a geopolitical monitoring platform and an operational centre specialised in the geolocalisation of goods and people, working 24/7). This level of protection can be supplemented by implementing genuinely tailor-made operational support systems, adapted to the risks and challenges of the mission, and designed jointly with the local authorities.

Risk&Co possesses specific resources adapted to the challenges of securing public infrastructures, particularly in risk-prone areas.  Risk&Co has been operating its own in-house technical design office for more than 20 years and has several dozen consulting engineers specialised in this type of missions. Risk&Co has developed a recognised expertise in the most strategic segments of the value chain: audits, assistance to project ownership and project management, maintenance in operational condition and business continuity.


Familiar with operating abroad in classified conditions and working for critical public service providers, these safety and security engineers also benefit from the contribution of Risk&Co’s operational staff and country risk analysts, enabling them to deal with all threats and integrate their most contemporary manifestations (terrorism, cyber-attacks, drone threats, etc.).

Risk&Co’s analysts have developed a recognised expertise in supporting government bodies and public organisations in the design and implementation of compliance policies.


This expertise enables them to conduct investigations, integrity inquiries and due diligence studies on potential partners, particularly in the area of development aid, trade and export and the financing of public-private partnerships. It also helps governments in their efforts to monitor compliance with anti-corruption obligations. As such, Risk&Co participates alongside the French Anti-Corruption Agency (FAA) in its regulatory audits, carried out as an expert “Sapin II compliance audit”.

For public agents on sent on mission, in a context of hybrid threats (espionage, ransomwares), the issue of data confidentiality and protection of communication means can prove to be a determining factor. Risk&Co is the only player to fully integrate “cyber” aspects into its operations in risk-prone areas.


This integration is rendered possible by the contribution of a dedicated team of several dozen consultants specialised in cybersecurity, familiar with the constraints faced by public operators. These experts advise the latter on local legislation, provide awareness-raising consulting (passing through customs, handling Wi-Fi at airports and hotels, etc.) and support the encryption and “cyber” hardening of workstations taken on missions abroad.

Risk&Co’s “ISR as a Service” (ISR- Intelligence, Surveillance and Recognition) offer, enables its public partners to deploy and operate internationally. It offers the ability to prepare missions, contribute to their conduct and assist with the protection of facilities (administrative compounds, military bases, sensitive sites). Such offer can be directly integrated into the decision-making process of public-sector actors, providing them with innovative means to access accurate, relevant and timely information.


This offer draws on proven field experience and solid systems engineering skills (aircrafts equipped with optronic resources, satellite imagery analysis, UAVs and UAV countermeasures), acquired through operating with international organisations. Such offer forms a comprehensive “full-cost” package, aimed at supporting governmental players throughout the entire cycle of their ISR projects, from systems engineering to operations.

Our references

As a historic partner of French, European and international institutions, Risk&Co has many references in several fields of operations. Risk&Co possesses specific accreditations and security clearances enabling it to support governments and specialised parastatal and semi-public organisations (development aid, trade and export support, anti-corruption, etc.) wishing to operate internationally in complete security and in full compliance with applicable international regulations.

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