Destruction of ammunitions

The Risk&Co Group offers States ammunition stockpile demolition services (missiles, bombs, marine mines, torpedoes and grenades). Geomines’ experts have the necessary know-how and experience to work on outdated ammunition and large stockpiles. The ammunitions are destroyed in strict compliance with security, transportation, fire, and waste reprocessing protocols.

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Preparation of destruction operations

Ammunition stockpile demolition preparations can be carried out on the basis of technical assessment operations, in order to analyse the danger level of the stocks concerned.

In agreement with their client, Geomines’ teams define the most appropriate demolition site – a secure site, as close as possible to the storage site, but sufficiently isolated to incorporate the danger zones defined in the safety study.

If an explosive remnant of war (ERW) is present in the area, a pyrotechnic pollution diagnosis and a preliminary explosives’ clearance operation may be necessary.

Geomines’ teams generally advocate destruction by controlled detonation blasts. Ammunition stockpile destruction can be divided into two different configurations, depending on the state and type of ammo to be destroyed. As a first step, Geomines’ teams can perform unit destruction operations for munitions that pose a particular risk, such as bombs and missiles.

In a second step, if the ammunition presents no particular risks, multiple destruction operations may be conducted.

Only specific operations, such as the destruction of stockpiles of phosphorus-loaded ammunition, the burning of powders, or the combustion of propellants, are carried out in the open.

Thanks to their long operational experience, Geomines’ teams are able to recommend measures for the protection and reduction of dedicated explosion effects, depending on the type of operation to be carried out: underground containers, rubber cylinders, trenches, etc.

Destruction of ammunition by controlled detonation

Geomines has proven experience in the destruction of ammunition stockpiles (missiles, bombs, rockets and grenades) in compliance with work safety and waste management conditions.

After each blast in the pit, the teams check to ensure that all sensitive components have been properly destroyed and cannot be reused. Specific attention is paid to all explosive elements sequencers, propellant fragments, infrared tracers and batteries.

Similarly, after each demolition operation, the staff must ensure that the area of operation is free of any fragments or explosives’ waste. This inspection is carried out with the appropriate protective measures.

Our other services

The Risk&Co Group also assists its clients with all services related to mine clearance, conducting probes and pyrotechnic diagnoses for explosives’ clearance operations.


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