Anticip and Ris&Co consolidate their presence in Nigeria and appoint a new Managing Director

The acquisition of Risk&Co SA constitutes an opportunity for Anticip to strengthen its operational presence in Lagos, Nigeria. The French leader in the areas of safety and support for French or foreign companies wishing to expand internationally is reorganising its Nigerian activities and establishing an operational centre in the country.

This new facility will be equipped with a 24/7 operating control room and the EYEDEFEND tracking software for the monitoring of its operations. To achieve its ambitions, Anticip and Risk&Co have appointed Dominique GRISERI as Managing Director for their operations and activities in West Africa.

Nigeria: a regional growth driver for French companies

With the highest-ranking GDP in Africa, Nigeria now constitutes the continent’s leading economy and one of the most dynamic growth hubs in Western Africa. The country’s 190 million population is expected to rise to 400 million by 2050, making it the third largest in the world. Capitalising on extensive natural resources, Nigeria could rank among the world’s top 20 economies by 2050, according to forecasts established by various international organisations.

In 2018, Nigeria initiated a bold action plan to help diversify its predominantly oil-based economy. Multiple sectors are booming, ranging from retail to telecoms, digital and e-commerce. The wine and spirits sector counts among the leading ones with an estimated market worth €2 billion (2016) for all types of products combined. The agri-food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and parapharmacy sectors are also growing steadily.

Fully aware of Nigeria’s potential, an increasing number of French and European companies are considering the opportunity to invest there. However, the extreme vulnerability of the country -regarding the risk of instability- calls for maintaining high levels of vigilance. As such, it is strongly advised to work with the support of local safety experts, possessing enough levels of field experience.

Through its subsidiary in Abuja, Risk&Co has been present in Nigeria for the past 11 years and currently supports its long-standing clients in the development of their activities, notably in the oil and gas, luxury, defence, automotive and agri-food sectors.

Anticip and Risk&Co will therefore be able to rely on the great expertise of the local teams, which will now be managed by Dominique GRISERI, from the Lagos operational centre.

Dominique GRISERI, new Managing Director of Anticip-Risk&Co’s center in Lagos

Dominique GRISERI is a recognised international security expert and possesses significant field experience in Nigeria.

Mastering several foreign languages (French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), Dominique GRISERI draws on a ten-year experience in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular. He held  several executive positions (including “Corporate Security Manager”, “Operations Manager”, “Deputy Country Manager” and “Regional Manager”) within various private security companies in Nigeria (Lagos, Port Harcourt) or elsewhere on the continent (Kenya, Mauritania, Libya, Niger, Chad).

Dominique GRISERI began his career as a soldier in the French Foreign Legion and served as an officer in the French armed Forces for 27 years. He also worked for Total, IOTA Group and Control Risks for more than 6 years. His areas of expertise fully correspond and match the various missions and activities of Anticip and Risk&Co’s operational centre in Lagos:

  • Counterterrorism (international CAS certification);
  • maritime safety (international PFSO certification);
  • design and implementation of evacuation plans;
  • management of the various stakeholders during field operations;
  • expertise in close protection, delivery and supervision of employees travelling for work in high-risk areas (international PPS certification);
  • negotiation and conflict resolution;
  • building effective networks of local, national and supra-state decision-makers.

“I am delighted to be joining the French leader in international Risk Management. Having operated as a field expert for 30 the past years, notably in Africa, I can support all types of clients in their respective business areas: oil companies, multinational companies, governments, international organizations and European institutions, etc.”

Anticip-Risk&Co, a global reach

The geographical scope of its subsidiaries, offices and operational centres, as well as the permanent partnerships established in high-risk areas enable Anticip and Risk&Co to cover the almost entirety of the globe.

Thus, Anticip and Risk&Co can intervene quickly and is able to detect, identify and analyse at any time the political, cultural, economic and environmental challenges that their clients may face.


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