Country-risk analysis and watch: discover our remastered Riskwatcher

In order to allow its clients to better understand the security environment in which they operate, the Risk&Co Group developed the dedicated “Riskwatcher” platform, some ten years ago.

This service, which has stood the test of time in providing risks assessment covering most countries, cities and areas worldwide has now unnderwent a complete upgrade, in order to adapt to technological changes and to address its users’ specifics needs.

Functional, ergonomic, reliable and efficient, the new Riskwatcher platform grants acess to the Group’s threat watch services, as well as strategic intelligence products and threats analysis.

The Risk&Co Group is thereby in a position to inform corporate security departments and directors whose business travellers, expatriates and infrastructure are located in hazardous countries about developments in the local politico-security context, in real time.

A team of about fifteen country-risk analysts, specialised by geographical area and by field of expertise, keep them inform at the pace of the local activity (monthly, weekly or daily follow-up), in various forms:

  • An alert system that tracks global politico-security and economic developments in real time, send messages in the event of an incident and provides permanent access to archives according to the countries, themes and dates selected;
  • a register of country fact sheets that provide a comprehensive overview of countries’ diplomatic, political, socio-economic contexts and their security environment. Updated regularly, these fact sheets make it possible to benefit from a risk estimate in a given country;
  • analytical notes that decipher and evaluate politico-security contexts by geographical area, their actors, their dynamics as well as global geopolitical risks.

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