Cybersecurity of industrial and safety / security systems

The security of industrial and safety/security systems (video protection, access control, intrusion detection, perimeter protection) requires an understanding of these different types of systems and their constraints, both in the project phase (design/construction) and in the operational phase (maintenance).

Capitalising on its knowledge of these environments, the Risk&Co Group has developed expertise enabling it to assist its customers both in the area of industrial automation systems and that of safety and security networks.

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Industrial and safety / security systems

The advent of IP protocols and traditional IT technologies in industrial systems, as well as in video surveillance and access control systems, has gone hand-in-hand with their increasing interconnection. This has resulted in an increase in their exposure to cyber risks, in a context where traditional IT security strategies are not always adapted to these networks.

The Risk&Co Group’s multidisciplinary teams, combining cyber consultants, industrial automation specialists and experts in safety and security networks, assist their customers in protecting these systems, whether in the design/implementation phase or the operational phase.

The services offered correspond to the entire catalogue of cybersecurity services, developed specifically for these systems:

  • Cyber risk analysis
  • Drafting cybersecurity specifications
  • Technical architecture consultancy
  • Product audits and testing, and architectural approvals
  • Factory or on-site system testing
  • Provision of temporary security equipment
  • Support during risky phases (revenue, commissioning, start-up)
  • Audits and improvement of the security of operational and maintenance practices.

The Risk&Co Group’s clients are among the world’s leaders in their sectors in the areas of construction and complex industrial systems in fields such as power generation, transmission and distribution, manufacturing and distribution, and chemistry.

Security of major projects

Taking cybersecurity into account in complex projects calls for an in-depth experience of their operation, as well as a detailed understanding of the financial balances that underpin them.

Such projects also require a perfect knowledge of the time and quality requirements incumbent upon the various parties (principals, suppliers, subcontractors).

With solid experience in large-scale projects (particularly in the energy sector), the Risk&Co Group assists its clients in security planning (requirements, activities, milestones and contributions) and defining security policies and specifications.

Finally, it offers a partial or complete coverage of cybersecurity project monitoring functions (expertise, reviews, audits and monitoring of action plans), enabling its clients to devote their attention to decision-making.

Our other services

Where necessary, the Group’s expertise in safety/security engineering can be called upon for safety/security missions for industrial systems.

Industrial system security and safety/security services are also provided within the broader framework of international infrastructure protection assignments.



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