The new “Brigitte Friang’s challenge” faced by our cybersecurity experts

After addressing the “Richelieu” challenge organised by the DGSE (the French Directorate General for External Security) in 2019, Risk&Co Group’s cybersecurity experts once again successfully took up this year’s challenge, named “Brigitte Friang”.


This year’s challenge was, once again, aimed at challenging the contestants in the field of IT security. For this edition, the DGSE partnered with the Innovation and technologic School in Paris (ESIEE Paris), enabling them to design and present a very sophisticated challenge, built around several levels of difficulty. In order to successfully address it, the winning teams had to mobilise technical expertise that was both complex and complementary,


While last year the DGSE paid tribute to Cardinal de Richelieu, the French “father” of cryptanalysis, this year’s edition was organised in honour of Brigitte Friang. At only 19, this French resistance fighter joined the “BCRA” (Central Bureau of Intelligence and Action). The BCRA, ancestor of the DGSE, organised weapons airdrops, air escapes and infiltrations in support of the local maquis. Captured by the Nazi Gestapo and deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp, where she was tortured, Brigitte Friang today sets a shining example for DGSE agents.


This challenge (in French) lasted from 24 of September to 11 of November, and brought more than 30,000 participants together, including independent Internet users and companies. The aim of the challenge was the following: to embody, for more than two weeks, a secret agent in charge of foiling an attack threatening French people and French interests. Once again, the Risk&Co Group’s cybersecurity experts successfully took up this challenge, thanks to their expertise and techniques in the field of cybersecurity like cryptography, reverse engineering, operations, steganography, programming, electronics…


Risk&Co’s cybersecurity teams once again demonstrated their motivation. They documented their work and reported on the various steps taken to win the challenge. Theses analyses are available on a new blog (in French), exclusively administered by Risk&Co’s cybersecurity experts.


This brand-new blog provides access to the analytical work and contributions of Risk&Co’s recognised analysts on cybersecurity topics. This blog will also feature in-depth content and innovative approaches to some of the contemporary intellectual and technical challenges faced by the cybersecurity community.