Excavation and drilling security

When traditional pyrotechnic diagnosis methods prove to be insufficient, the Risk&Co Group carries out very great depth probing and scanning services. Searches of this kind can be conducted both on land and at sea. They avoid the risk of drilling directly into any landmine or explosive ordnance device buried in a work area and to start pyrotechnic soil remediation work, if necessary.

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Probing methodology

Geomines’ teams rely on the diversity of their equipment to carry out search and pyrotechnic soil remediation campaigns from the surface (deep magnetometry, GeoRadar or electromagnetism).

Thanks to long years of collaboration with public works and infrastructure development actors, in particular in the port and road construction fields, Geomines’ teams work daily with their interlocutors in charge of environmental and geotechnical studies.
In the Oil & Gas sector, such cooperation has enabled Geomines’ teams to develop a methodology adapted to the sector’s specific constraints. In order to ensure the safety of boreholes or drilling operations, Geomines adapts its detection method to the kind of munitions’ pollution expected and to field conditions.

When pyrotechnic diagnosis studies suggest as much, or in cases where traditional instruments reach their technological limits, Geomines’ teams are able to use probes specifically designed for borehole areas.

Drilling areas

This system is composed of a magnetometric probe, a DLM 98 measurement-digitalisation interface, as well as Magneto BM data mining software (Borehole technique). This system makes it possible to perform magnetic anomaly measurements in one or more drilling areas, in order to obtain the precise location of a potential target.

It is particularly suitable for the location of ammunition or any other buried metallic objects and makes it possible to assess the pollution level of explosives in the areas considered.

It is used to study areas at very great depths, whether to conduct surveys in terrestrial environments or to explore boring areas in off-shore environments.

Conducting probing campaigns makes it possible to carry out pyrotechnic soil remediation operations.

Our other services

The Risk&Co Group assists its clients in all ammunition stockpile management services.


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