Protecting business travellers against cybercrime: Anticip and Risk&Co’s expertise highlighted

David KELLER and the editorial staff of Dé magazine wrote an article on the protection business travellers from the threat posed by cybercrime. This article, written for “educational” purposes, is part of a special series, dedicated by the magazine to the study of “2020 trends in business travel safety and security“.

Object of little to no consideration by corporate security departments, the cyber-protection of business travellers and their data is now increasingly forming part of both the “security” and “travel” policies of most companies.

As underlined by the magazine, the threat posed by cybercrime to business travellers is expected to keep expending in the coming years: “In addition to the general context of economic warfare that creates a favourable context for cybercrime, the deployment of new technologies offers increased opportunities for cybercriminals: the cloud, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and the development of 5G are leading to an explosion of data and the number of connected devices and sensors“.

Interviewed in this edition, Guillaume FARDE, Director of Strategy, Development and Marketing of Anticip and Risk&Co, discusses the specific challenges posed by this type of cyberthreat, which pursues two main objectives: “disruption of the company’s computer and communication system or, even more so, data theft [;] economic espionage [carried out using] 2.0 means“. The article also lists operational recommendations to be enforced when preparing business trips to sensitive destinations.

A long-standing partner of European companies wishing to develop their activities abroad in full security, Anticip and Risk&Co are a true “one-stop shop” and has recognised expertise in supporting business travellers in sensitive areas. Anticip and Risk&Co’s consultants are thus able to provide appropriate solutions to these business travellers at each stage of their missions (training, preparation, geotracking, escorts, etc.), including cyber solutions.

The article can be found by clicking on the link below:

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