Risk&Co & Cooptalis join their forces to secure professional mobility

Based on their international experience, Cooptalis, a leader company in HR mobility innovation, and Risk&Co, the preferred partner for companies wishing to expand abroad in complete security, have decided to pool their highly complementary skills and expertise within a common offer.

The purpose of this partnership is to provide their respective clients an integrated and complementary service over a broad spectrum covering support for mobility projects in high-risk areas, particularly in Africa and the Middle East where both companies are actively present.

Complementary services


Detect Talents by recruiting candidates seeking international work experience and connect them with companies having difficulties recruiting because of the Talents’ shortage.

Move Talents by accompanying them in their relocation and with immigration procedures (obtaining visas, work permits, move, children’s school, etc.).

Develop Talents’ skills by offering them personalised training (languages, integration, interculturality, etc.).


Security of business travelers: train, inform and assist business travelers in high-risk areas, thanks to innovative digital tools (real-time information on the evolution of political and security contexts, geolocation, and instant communication tools).

Support in high-risk areas: protect expatriates and infrastructures in high-risk areas by providing training, carrying out preliminary audits, drafting required documentation (security plan, crisis plan, evacuation plan, etc.), and deploying consultants on site.

The partnership in a few words

“Like Cooptalis, Risk&Co supports the mobility of Talents by offering a human and digital experience. We have been seduced by the quality of their information and monitoring of Talents wherever they are on business trips around the world, so we are very happy to seal this partnership.” Jacques Reynaud, CRO of Cooptalis

“We are more and more mobile and dream more than ever of international business, but going abroad cannot be improvised: it often constitutes a considerable challenge. Building on this analysis, we decided to create this partnership. The challenge was simple: support Talents in implementing their international mobility project with complete peace of mind, especially when the destination country is considered to be “at-risk” (safety, politics, or even health.)” Charlotte Marion, ITRM Sales Manager at Risk&Co

Cooptalis in a few words: Since 2012, Cooptalis has been assisting start-ups and international companies in their search for Talents. Cooptalis builds on strong expertise, reinforced by the desire of diversifying recruitment to promote integration and equal opportunities.

Risk&Co in a few words: Founded in 1994, Risk&Co operates in the entire field of international security and supports companies, international institutions, and governments in about fifty countries around the world (mainly in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and, Central & South America).