Risk&Co purchases THEVENET Consultants

Risk&Co’s teams are pleased to confirm the recent acquisition of THEVENET Consultants.


This collaboration, which began one year ago and based on concrete projects since its inception, was led by the Risk&Co Group’s Safety/Security Engineering Business Unit. This collaboration has now taken an important step forward, with the full integration of the teams from THEVENET Consultants, who will directly complement the know-how of Risk&Co’s Business Unit, particularly in the field of CCTV protection.


This merger will enable the two entities to mutually benefit from their complementary expertise. In addition to strengthening the teams, this process will make it possible to offer a wider range of services, particularly in the field of cybersecurity applied to safety/security issues.


This process will also permit the expansion of Risk&Co’s territorial footprint in France, particularly in the Rhône-Alpes region. Risk&Co’s teams, backed by the presence and integration of THEVENET “historic” team, will continue to assist their Lyon-based clients, among which numerous local and regional authorities, banking institutions, and sensitive infrastructures, both in France and abroad.


About THEVENET Consultants:


Based in Lyon, this company, founded in 1990, combines experts in safety and security, specialised in supporting local authorities and major infrastructures project, and mainly in the field of CCTV protection.


About Risk&Co:


Founded in 1994 and now an Anticip Group’s subsidiary, Risk&Co is a privileged partner for companies wishing to expand internationally, in complete safety. Risk&Co also supports international institutions and government in their projects, in France and abroad.