Weekly security briefing – 02 March to 08 March 2020

Every Monday morning, the Anticip-Risk&Co Group produces a security briefing, reporting and analysing major world events.

This weekly security briefing is specifically intended for business travellers and their supervisors, so that they can anticipate the main risks in their areas of operations. The briefing also offers advice on the right behaviors to adopt.


  1. FRANCE/ UNITED KINGDOM – Jorge storm, disturbances

Business travellers going to France or the United Kingdom are advised to exercise caution as the storm Jorge is hitting both countries.

There were showers and heavy wind in several departments in Ile-de-France and several regions in Scotland and northern England over the last two days.

Drivers should be especially careful.

Monitor the situation on the following websites:  Météo France and Met Office website.


  1. INDIA: New Delhi – Rallies, ongoing curfew

Business travellers going to cities, especially New Delhi should anticipate the rallies and demonstrations about the citizenship law (CAA).

The curfew established on February 28th after the death of two demonstrators are prolonged indefinitely.


  1. TURKEY/SYRIA: Idlib – Travel ban

Travels in southern Turkey and norther Syria are to be cancelled indefinitely are tensions are scaling up.

The Turkish army launched an offensive against the Syrian regime on March 1st.

The closure of airspace in northwest Syria, and specifically in Idlib, is likely to affect regional air traffic.

New travel bans should be enforced in the coming days.


  1. SINGAPORE – Travel restrictions

Due to the coronavirus, several countries issued advice for travellers going to Singapore.

The alert level was raised to orange (second highest level out of four) because of the COVID-19 epidemics. Measures include entry restrictions and compulsory quarantine.

Business travellers should follow official instructions.


  1. ISRAEL: Jerusalem – early elections

Early legislative elections are scheduled on March 2nd, 2020, in Israel.

More than 6 million voters will elect members of the Knesset. Reinforced security measures and traffic restrictions are expected in the areas bordering Gaza.

Caution is advised in the country and specifically in the occupied territories.


  1. MYANMAR- Peasants’ Day celebrations

Peasants’ Day happens every year on March 2nd. The holiday celebrates the contribution of agriculture and farming to the country.

Because Peasants’ Day is a national holiday, schools are closed, and public services are not guaranteed.

Business travellers should anticipate the ensuing disruptions.


  1. MALAWI: Lilongwe – Martyrs’ Day celebrations

Martyrs Day is a national holiday in Malawi celebrated every year on March 3rd.

Several State and religious officials are expected to make speeches. Churches will also hold special prayers.

Business travellers should anticipate traffic disruptions.


  1. UNITED STATE: Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is the day when most states vote to nominate a presidential candidate. 14 states will vote in the Democratic primaries on Tuesday March 3rd.

Political rallies are planned, and security measures will be adequately reinforced on March 3rd.

The voting states are: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont and Virginia.

Travels should be anticipated due to possible traffic disruptions.


  1. GHANA: Accra – Independence Day celebrations

Ghana celebrates its Independence Day on March 6th, 2020.

There will be both military and non-military parades in Black Star Square, Accra.

Independence Day is a national holiday and public services are not guaranteed.


  1. WORLD: International Women’s Day, possible perturbations

Rallies are expected on Sunday March 8th in major urban centres and especially in Western capital cities (Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Brussels).

Reinforced security measures and traffic disruptions are expected near the rallies.


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