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Weekly security briefing – 10 to 16 February 2020

Every Monday morning, the Anticip-Risk&Co Group produces a security briefing, reporting and analysing major world events.

This weekly security briefing is specifically intended for business travellers and their supervisors, so that they can anticipate the main risks in their areas of operations. The briefing also offers advice on the right behaviors to adopt.


  1. KENYA: Funerals of the former president 

Disruptions are expected during the funerals of former president Daniel arap Moi in Nairobi and Nakuru.

The funerals will be publicly broadcasted in the Parliament’s buildings in Nairobi from February 8th to 11th. A national service will be held in the national stadium Nyayo on February 11th, declared a national holiday. The body will then be buried in Kabarak (Baringo country) on February 12th.

There will also be public broadcasts of the funeral in Nakuru.


  1. PAKISTAN:  Islamabad, Rawalpindi – Cricket matches

Reinforced security measures and traffic restrictions will be enforced from February 7th to 11th in Islamabad and Rawalpindi because of the cricket matches between Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Vehicle access will be limited on the road towards the stadium from February 5th to 11th. Murree Road will also be partially closed.

Other traffic restrictions and disruptions are expected.


  1. IRAN: Tehran – Revolution Day

Mass gatherings and marches happen every year on February 11th in major Iranian cities to commemorate the revolution and those who died fighting for independence.

In Tehran, the march will end on Azadj (freedom) square, the central point of the yearly celebrations. Reinforced security measures and traffic restrictions are expected.

February 11th being a national holiday, no public service will run.


  1. MYANMAR: Union Day

Union Day is a national holiday in Myanmar, celebrated on February 12th in all provinces of the country. Many celebrations and activities are planned for the day, and public services will not run. The security context is still unstable, and business travellers should remain cautious.


  1. THAILAND: Makha Bucha day

From February 8th to 10th, Thailand celebrates Makha Bucha, a Buddhist religious holiday honouring Buddha’s teachings.

Since February 8th is a Saturday, Monday February 10th will also be a blank holiday.

During the celebrations, the temple of the emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) will be closed.


  1. LEBANON: Beirut – Risk of tensions in front of the Parliament

Military and security forces are mobilised to monitor the situation in central Beirut in the coming days. Security will be reinforced as the Parliament debates the government’s ministerial declaration.

Parliamentary sessions are scheduled on February 11th and 12th.

Demonstrators vowed to block all roads leading to Nijmeh square.

It is advised to remain cautious and avoid the surroundings of the Parliament.


  1. MALI: Mopti – Spike of the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever

The Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever killed 7 people in Mopti, according to a press release of the general health directorate on February 5th, 2020.

The illness first appeared in Kèra, a village in the Korientzé district (Mopti region).

The disease might spread to other areas.

Travellers are advised to be specifically careful regarding ticks (wear protective clothes and use an insect repellent).


  1. BAHRAIN: Manama – Anniversary of the Bahraini uprising and call for démonstrations

Reinforced security measures and disruptions are expected from February 12th to 14th in the main streets of Manama, Riffa Muharraq. A general strike is announced, as part of a general civilian disobedience movement that is expected to last 48 hours. The movement is initiated by opposition forces. Demonstrators (including many students) want to commemorate the Bahraini uprising of February 14th, 2011, violently repressed by the Saudi armed forces.

Clashes between demonstrators and security forces might occur.

All mass gatherings and rallies should be avoided, as they might escalate quickly.


  1. BENIN: Kérémou – Attack against a police station

Security will be reinforced as tensions are expected to rise in the coming days around the W national park, 700 kilometres north of Cotonou. The tense situation results from an attack against a police station on February 9th, 2020.

The attack left one person dead and another wounded.

It is recommended to avoid the area of the W national park.

Considering the current security context, all travels in the Kérémou area in northern Benin should be avoided.

If a trip to those areas is necessary, it is essential to ensure that all the adequate security measures are implemented. Business travellers are advised to notify their employers of the evolution of their trip.


  1. ALGERIA: Timiaouine – Car bomb attack

A military officer was killed in a car bomb attack targeting a national army detachment in Timiaouine, at the border between Algeria and Mali on February 9th, 2020.

Reinforced security measures are expected in the coming days and weeks.

The attack has not yet been claimed.

Considering the deteriorated security context in northern Mali and south Algeria, extreme caution is advised in the region.

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