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Weekly security briefing – 17 to 23 February 2020

Every Monday morning, the Anticip-Risk&Co Group produces a security briefing, reporting and analysing major world events.

This weekly security briefing is specifically intended for business travellers and their supervisors, so that they can anticipate the main risks in their areas of operations. The briefing also offers advice on the right behaviors to adopt.


  1. WORLD: Winter storm Dennis 

Business travellers going to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands should expect flight, ferry, train and road disruptions until February 17th.


  1. MADAGASCAR: Eastern and central areas – Weather alert 

Business travellers going to the eastern and central areas of Madagascar in the coming days should exercise extra caution. They should adapt their itinerary to the tropical storm Francesco, expected to hit Mahanoro (Atsinanana region) on February 15th.

Heavy rains, winds and floods will occur in central-eastern and south-eastern parts of the country, including in the capital city Antananarivo, until February 18th.


  1. NIGERIA: Lagos – Harmattan season 

Major travel disruptions are expected in Lagos and across Nigeria in the coming days because of the dry season.

The dry and dusty winds of the Harmattan will notably alter visibility.

Since February 11th, major international airlines rerouted their flights to Lagos towards the international airport Nmandi Azikiwe (ABV) in Abuja and towards Ghana.

It is advised to monitor the situation using the local media, including the website of the weather forecast.


  1. CHINA: Beijing – Coronavirus

Business travellers should reschedule all non-essential trips to mainland China (hence excluding trips to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) because of stricter quarantine measures taken by the Chinese government to face the coronavirus epidemics (COVID-19).

Officials in the capital, Beijing and Chongqing, have imposed a 14 day-long quarantine to all foreign visitors entering the cities.

Similar quarantine measures are enforced in other parts of China and could be extended over time.


  1. UKRAINE: Kiev – Commemoration of the “Euromaidan” events

Business travellers should exercise caution and avoid gatherings celebrating the anniversary of the “Euromaidan” from February 15th to 21st, 2020.

Far right and nationalist groups will likely join the commemorations, most of which will take place on February 20th.


  1. GAMBIA: Banjul – Independence Day

Celebrations will take place the days before and after independence day in Gambia, this February 18th, 2020.

Both civilian and military celebrations are announced in the independence stadium in Bakay and in Serenkuda. Reinforced security measures and traffic restrictions are expected.


  1. GERMANY: Cologne – Carnival, disruptions

Reinforced security measures and disruptions are expected in Cologne, and more specifically on the Alter Markt, due to the annual carnival from February 20th to 26th.

To begin the carnival season, a gathering is organised on February 20th at 11am local time (10 am UTC). On Monday February 24th, 2020, the rose procession will go from Chlodwigplatz to Mohrenstrasse, starting at 10am local time (9 am UTC).


  1. SPAIN: Barcelona – Carnival 

The Spanish celebrations attract over 300 000 people every year. This year it will be held from February 20th to 26th, 2020. The demand for housing will increase over the period and traffic disruptions are also expected in Barcelona.


  1. IRAN: Tehran – February 21st: legislative elections

Reinforced security measures and travel disruptions are expected in the urban centres of the country, and specifically in the capital city Tehran, as legislative elections will be held on February 21st, 2020.

Iranians will elect 290 representatives in the Madjles, the lower chamber of Parliament.

The social context surrounding the elections is very tense.

Caution is advised and business travellers should avoid the surroundings of voting stations.


  1. BRAZIL: Rio de Janeiro  –  Rio Carnival

The main celebrations will happen in the Sambódromo, Ipanema and Copacabana districts of the city from February 21st to 29th, 2020.





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