Fire Safety

Fire safety regulations govern a building’s entire lifecycle, from the design stage to
the end of its operation or eventual rehabilitation. The Risk&Co Group assists plant
managers in designing and monitoring the implementation of fire risk protection
systems. It relies on a team of engineers specialising in fire safety, up-to-date with the
latest regulatory developments and perfectly aware of insurance laws. All have
undergone degree courses and all of their services are based on a high level of
technical expertise, especially in Fire Safety Systems (FSS), automatic gas extinction
and sonorisation public address.

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Fire safety audits

Fire safety audits identify risks specific to each establishment. They assess the relevance of existing procedures and human and material resources, and deduce possible deviations with regard to a given regulation (public buildings, high rise buildings, Seveso, etc.).

The audits recommend corrective human, technical and organisational measures, in compliance with the regulations in force and acceptable
to insurers.

Security Engineering and Design


The resulting fire safety master plans prioritise, plan and assess these measures, according to regulatory, financial and time constraints.

Our design and execution management services translate the safety master plan’s functional and operational elements into technical solutions. They relate to the management, worksite execution and guarantee of conformity of the work delivered in relation to the specifications.

During the construction and operational phase, the Risk&Co Group’s consulting engineers prepare their customers for Safety Commissions.

Fire safety systems' coordination (FSSC)

FSS coordination results from legal and regulatory obligations relating to certain types of buildings. The FSS coordination services provided by the Risk&Co Group are sequenced in three phases: design (upstream studies), control of execution (site monitoring) and acceptance of works.
During the design phase, the FSS Coordinator collects the security requirements, defines the FSS, and ensures the technical and functional compatibility of the various
FSS components. During the execution phase, the FSS Coordinator ensures full compliance with installation rules. Finally, the FSS Coordinator proceeds to the technical delivery of the Fire Safety System before the equipment is commissioned and prepares the FSS’ identity documents.

Our other services

FSS audits and technical studies can be supplemented by safety-related services at our customers’ request.

Fire safety consulting engineers can also be called upon for studies related to the safety of international physical infrastructure.

All FSS-related audits and technical studies can also call upon the services of the Group’s cybersecurity expertise at our clients’ request.


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