Infrastructures security

The Risk&Co Group’s safety/security consulting engineers assist their customers
from the design phase to the delivery and acceptance of work.
All of the services provided by the Risk&Co Group’s consulting engineers are based on a high level of technical expertise in security architecture and systems: access control, radio frequency identification device (RFID) badge/tag identification and biometrics, intrusion detection, video surveillance, intercom, videotelephony, radiocommunication, hypervision, control centres and passive safety (fencing, obstacles, airlocks, shielding, glazing, etc.).

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Security audits

A security audit is a deductive planning document that identifies the security vulnerabilities of a site and its environment. The audit is carried out using quantitative and qualitative risk analyses, which make it possible to assess any discrepancies or non-conformities as compared to given benchmarks. It leads to proposals for remedial solutions of a human, technical and organisational nature, which make up the safety
master plan.

Security Engineering and Design

Security master plans prioritise, plan and assess corrective measures, according to the project’s constraints, and enable clients to consider securing their infrastructure as part of a multi-year work programme.

Our Security Engineering and Design services translate the security master plan’s functional and operational elements into technical solutions according to the following phases: preliminary design (PD), detailed design (DD), project (PRO), preparation of tender documents and bid analysis assistance (BAA).

The project management services offered consist of directing the execution of works and ensuring the conformity of works delivered in relation to the specifications, according to the following phases: execution studies’ visa or endorsement (VISA), management of works contracts’ execution (MWE) and assistance in acceptance of works (AAW).

Studies resulting from regulatory obligations

Some of the studies conducted by the Risk&Co Group’s consulting engineers are the direct result of regulatory requirements. With the support of consultants able to audit a security system’s compliance, the Risk&Co Group provides the following services:

  • Assistance to classified Operators of Critical Infrastructures (CI) for the implementation of National Security Directives (NSD) and for the development of Operator Safety Plans (OSP) and Special Protection Plans (SPP)
  • Compliance audits of CI Information Systems Security (ISS), within the framework of the obligations of the Military Programming Act (MPA)
  • Port Security Assessment (PSA/IPSA) and development of Port Security Plans (PSP/IPSP), based on the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code
  • Public Safety/Security Reviews (PSSR)
  • Prefectural authorisation applications for the use of video protection devices.

Our other services

Security consulting engineers are also called upon for studies related to the safety of expatriates and critical infrastructure abroad.

All audits and technical studies include issues related to Fire Safety Systems (FSS).

Audits and technical studies may also make use of the Group’s cybersecurity expertise.


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