Drone systems engineering

In the field of safety and security engineering, the use of drone systems increases both the quality of the studies carried out and the scope of investigations. Whether for audit missions, technical studies or even site monitoring, the implementation of a drone system increases the added value of the deliverables at each stage of a project. The drone vector constitutes an innovative assets, likely to provide data and elements that traditional methodologies and sensors do not allow to obtain.

Risk&Co’s consulting engineers master all the technologies needed to meet the variety of needs expressed by its clients. Risk&Co’s teams operate all the ISR resources and drone vectors required to conduct safety and security engineering projects: satellite imagery, manned ISR and unmanned drones.

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ISR - drones resources: assets for delivering complex safety and security engineering projects

In addition to the added value brought to the work of Risk&Co’s consulting engineers, the use of ISR resources and drones is generally indispensable for the Implementation of complex or sensitive projects. Drone systems often offer the only credible option when it comes to carrying out missions on sites with a very large footprint or difficult to access.


The drone systems operated by Risk&Co allow the execution of technically complex missions, for which the use of ISR means is differentiating, among which:

  • modelling of spaces and buildings
  • the realisation of topographical surveys
  • the realisation of cadastres
  • the inspection and control of engineering structures, industrial sites, buildings, bridges and dams
  • inspection and control of transport and energy networks (railways, electricity networks, pipelines, oil and gas pipelines)
  • CCTV coverage studies

Solutions adapted to all your needs

With a range of modern drone systems adapted to each situation, Risk&Co’s consulting engineers are able to draw up all the technical, regulatory and operational specifications for a specific project, before implementing it, whatever its degree of complexity or level of sensitivity. They can thus design procedures and operational principles specific to each project and carry out all associated prospective studies.


In addition to the field of civil engineering, Risk&Co’s consulting engineers can resort to ISR resources and drone systems in other sectors, such as agriculture and environment monitoring, health, civil security and freight transport, in France and abroad.

Qualified and experienced pilots

Both the variety of ISR resources and drone systems available to Risk&Co and the wide range of safety and security engineering missions for which they are used require a high level of qualification for pilots and ground station operators.


Risk&Co’s drones’ pilots are all qualified in accordance with the regulations in force and can boast solid experience in piloting drones, including in difficult conditions, in France and abroad. They are able to perform all types of flights and can thus demonstrate a great ability to adapt to the needs expressed by clients.

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