Security of business travellers

In a context of increasing risk levels and heightened threats, ensuring the security of business travellers is a prerequisite for the development of an international business. Risk&Co offers a tailor-made service to accompany business travellers, taking into account their commercial stakes, their profile, the security context and local specificities, as well as the legal and regulatory obligations incumbent on their employer.

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A strong international system

The strength of Risk&Co’s offer lies in its longstanding know-how and a very strong international presence, organised around a system specifically designed to support its clients. Its core team, based in Paris, can rely on two innovative structures, working 24/7: a geopolitical and security monitoring platform, based in Dakar and an operational centre, based in Dubai, specialising in the geolocalised monitoring of goods and people. This system is complemented by subsidiaries in Dubai, Johannesburg and Lagos, as well as by local partners networks that have been established for more than twenty years in several dozen countries.


Thanks to this sustained international presence, Risk&Co is in a position to offer a wide range of high-quality business traveller security services, guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification.

Ensuring the safety of a business trip prior to departure

Risk&Co’s teams accompany business travellers and ensure their safety at every stage of their mission, whether before their departure or on the return flight. Risk&Co directly supports companies in the organisation of business trips:


  • Before their departure, business travellers attend comprehensive training sessions, adapted to the visited countries and taking into account the level of experience of the travellers. This training can be delivered in person, by our experts, or followed at a distance thanks to our learning management system, which combines online courses and multilingual instructional videos. When completed, trainees attending the course are awarded a certificate.


  • Prior to and throughout their trip, business travellers are kept informed in real time of the security situation in the countries they are visiting, using our RiskWatcher 2.0 software platform. The platform sends them bilingual geolocalised alerts and provides them with ergonomic and regularly updated country files.

Safe business travel

Innovative technological solutions, specifically developed by Risk&Co, allow employers to monitor the progress of business trips and, if necessary, function as decision support tools enabling to adjust the protection system.


  • Business travelers can be geolocalised at any time during their trip thanks to the Anticip Travel mobile application. This application also makes it possible to communicate and exchange information with them in real time, whether they are still present in a designated danger zone, have already left or are about to leave.


  • In the event of an emergency or imminent danger materialising during a business trip, employees on assignment abroad benefit from a dedicated hotline, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can activate physical assistance on the spot if necessary.



Employer’s obligations


The provisions of Articles L4121-1 and L4121-2 of the French Labour Code list the employer’s obligations in terms of training, information and the implementation of adequate means to reduce the risks incurred by their employees and business travellers abroad.


The Karachi, Jolo and Abidjan jurisprudence confirm these legal obligations.

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