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Employees having to travel and operate in risk-prone areas, as well as the occurrence of a crisis threatening the safety of business travellers, constitute specific situations which require companies to enforce an operational response. Whether the strategy adopted to protect business travelers is designed in advance or is activated in response to a threat, the company’s strategy to protect its business travellers must allow it to operate internationally in a continuous and secure manner.

Risk&Co is able to provide its clients with fully operational assistance and enjoys a long standing reputation for its expertise in this area.

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Operational accompaniment of business travellers

Beyond training, information or geolocation of business travellers, Risk&Co is able to assist them in the most operational aspects, even before their departure.


Risk&Co thus offers its clients the opportunity to carry out on their behalf reconnaissance visits of the sites, hotels and itineraries that their business travellers will use during their trip. In the same way, Risk&Co frequently audits hotels selected by its clients so as to confirm that they meet their security criteria and policies.


Business travellers can also be fully accompanied during their trip. Risk&Co is then responsible for guaranteeing their physical safety at each stage of the trip, from the time they get off the plane until their return flight takes off.

The Anticip Travel application directly supporting travellers during a crisis

The Anticip Travel solution has been fully developed by Risk&Co. It allows to geolocate and communicate with business travellers in complete security and discretion and, if necessary, to assist them.


Available and downloadable in the form of a mobile application, it is both easy and intuitive to use and proves very useful in the event of a crisis. In practice, the application allows its user to be easily located by the emergency services thanks to its GPS coordinates, which can be automatically sent to support teams when an emergency call is issued.


In the same way, the Anticip Travel application is configured so as to monitor the situation of its users in real time: they can indicate whether they are well (safety check) or, on the contrary, call an emergency contact and/or discreetly report a distress situation (panic button).

With its 24/7 hotline, Risk&Co ensures the constant safety of business travellers.

Upon request of its clients, Risk&Co sets up a hotline service exclusively dedicated to the safety of personnel on assignment abroad.


This service takes the form of a single number that business travellers can call in situations of doubt or distress. Accessible 24/7, multilingual, this hotline redirects calls received to the appropriate security and/or health services.


If the call received concerns a request for security advice, Risk&Co teams provide an immediate response to the traveller, with a possible supplement within the next 2 hours.


If the call concerns a request for operational assistance, the hotline immediately directs the call to Risk&Co’s Operations Department, which will contact the people designated by the client company to provide crisis management support and, if necessary, direct operational assistance to the traveller in distress.

Our other services


In addition to the Anticip Travel solution, Risk&Co offers complementary and proven solutions to train, inform or even directly assist business travellers, prior to their departure and/or throughout their trip.


The Anticip Travel solution has been fully developed by Risk&Co. It allows to geolocate and communicate with business travellers in complete security and discretion and, if necessary, to assist them. It takes the form of a multilingual software platform, accessible from all connected terminals (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.), including a mobile application and a back-office for use by the client company.

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