Business travel: Geolocation

Whether it is about natural risks (earthquakes, floods, etc.), health crises (tropical and infectious diseases, pandemics, etc.) or criminal acts (racketeering, kidnapping, terrorist attacks, etc.), companies must ensure the safety of their employees abroad by informing and assisting them. In the event of proven or future danger, the company’s ability to locate its employees sent on business missions and to communicate with them can make it possible to provide concrete and effective operational solutions. The implementation of such a capacity is also a decisive element of the Duty of Care.


To respond effectively to this dual need for geolocation and communication, Risk&Co provides a unique and innovative solution: Anticip Travel.

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The Anticip Travel solution

To enable companies to locate in real time their employees on business trips abroad or their expatriate employees and to stay in permanent contact with them, Risk&Co has developed the Anticip Travel solution. This unique “turnkey” solution renders possible to ensure the security of employees in a personalised, proportionate and efficient manner.


Anticip Travel is a multilingual software platform, accessible from all connected terminals (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc.). It consists of a supervision interface, restoring geolocation data (PNR collected from travel agencies and/or GPS tracking data) in the form of maps and results tables, as well as a mobile application that can be downloaded by travellers, allowing them to transmit their GPS coordinates at any time. The entire system is customisable and adapted to the use of the client company.


By combining the company’s travel data with that of employees equipped with the mobile travel application, the Anticip Travel solution makes it possible to locate, inform and exchange information with employees abroad, whether they are still present in the danger zone, have already left or are about to leave.

Stay connected with your employees abroad!

With a simple click on the online platform, companies equipped with the Anticip Travel solution can locate their employees on the move anywhere in the world, at every stage of their trip. The Anticip Travel solution is ergonomic and offers a simple and intuitive cartographic navigation, which allows a quick handling of the tool by its users.


Geolocalise and communicate


The Anticip Travel solution makes it possible to get in touch with employees travelling abroad at any time, whether by SMS or e-mail, individually or in groups. Companies equipped with the Anticip Travel solution can thus inform employees on the move about a particular situation, check on their condition or send them instructions as part of their security policy.


The Anticip Travel solution features numerous functionalities specially designed and developed to make exchanges more fluid. Automated and pre-configured messages can thus be sent by/to business travellers according to their geolocation (arrival at the airport, arrival at the hotel, stopover point, etc.).

A solution fully interoperable with other technologies developed by Risk&Co

The Anticip Travel solution is specifically designed to interface with our monitoring and alerting platform, RiskWatcher 2.0. This platform generates more than 80 daily geocoded FR/EN alerts, which can be aggregated in the AnticipTravel solution’s mapping engine.


Thanks to this unique technology, entirely developed by Risk&Co, it is thus possible clients to define in a few seconds the locations (country, city, regions of the world) as well as the topics (health, safety, geopolitics) likely to affect their employees on business trips. This ensures the personalisation and the relevance of the information transmitted to them.


In the event of an incident, clients equipped with the Anticip Travel solution interfaced with RiskWatcher 2.0 can calculate impact zones and refine the instructions transmitted according to the evolution of the mission (traveller already arrived on site, on the way, not yet left, etc.) and the local situation.

Our other services


In addition to the Anticip Travel solution, Risk&Co offers complementary and proven solutions to train, inform or even directly assist business travellers, prior to their departure and/or throughout their trip.


The RiskWatcher 2.0 solution provides FR/EN health and safety country files covering 252 territories and updated in real time, in addition to the daily distribution of nearly 80 geocoded FR/EN alerts on various topics of interest (health, climate, security, geopolitical situation, etc.) for corporate clients.


The Anticip Academy platform offers a wide range of distance learning (e-learning) services for business travellers, expatriates and their families. The platform includes numerous educational and fully customisable videos (training for “frequent travellers”, expatriation, “reflex” attitudes, etc.).

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