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Our clients face threats that are sometimes as diffuse in nature as they are complex (terrorism, economic crime, etc.). As such, understanding the areas and monitoring the environment in in which they operate or wish to intervene are essential for anticipating risks and taking appropriate measures.


Risk&Co informs – in real time – Security departments and company managers whose business travellers, expatriates and infrastructures are located in countries at risk, of changes in the local political, security and health contexts. A team of around thirty country risk watchers and analysts, specialised by geographic area (Africa, Middle East, Asia, Central and South America, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe) and by topic (health, organised crime, terrorism), keeps them informed of local news in various forms (monthly, weekly or daily monitoring).

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A complete monitoring and alerting solution

The RiskWatcher 2.0 platform generates daily alerts (nearly 80 per day, 24/7), in both French and English, of four different types: security, health, geopolitical and environmental. The permanent monitoring of these different categories of events makes it possible to establish an evolving rating of the level of risk in a given area and, if necessary, to adapt the travellers’ protection system accordingly, both preventively and reactively.


The alerts disseminated by the platform are all geocoded: the corresponding risk level is assessed on a scale from 1 to 5 and materialised with an associated colour code. The alerts all include advice on actions to be taken with regard to the event described, both for people already present on site and for those wishing to go there. These alerts are distributed by e-mail and via the Anticip Travel mobile application. They can be consulted directly on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

The "safety" and "health" country files

The RiskWatcher 2.0 platform provides access to up to 252 “safety” and “health” country fact sheets, updated daily by a dedicated team of analysts. These sheets are available 24/7, in both French and English, and allow business travellers and their partners (safety departments, HR managers, country managers, travel agencies, insurance companies, etc.) to prepare their trips in complete safety.


These sheets, accessible directly from the RiskWatcher 2.0 platform and developed exclusively by Risk&Co, provide information on local security conditions and offer a global (socio-economic, political, criminality, terrorism) and exhaustive monitoring of the situation in the visited countries or zones.


In the same way as the “safety” sheets, RiskWatcher 2.0 also provides 252 “health” sheets geolocating health risks and allows for the consultation of the history of sanitary situation in the areas of interest.


Each of these sheets delivers advice on how to behave in the face of the risks. These risks are ranked according to their nature, frequency and intensity. They are also highlighted and further analysed from a “focus” perspective, insisting on geographic regions, cities or neighborhoods that are particularly exposed.

Periodic and one-off productions complementing the Risk Watcher 2.0 system.

In addition to the country sheets and alerts included in the RiskWatcher 2.0 solution, Risk&Co distributes to its clients numerous complementary analytical publications, at fixed or ad hoc intervals. This enables them to better understand and anticipate the evolution of security trends.


At the beginning of each year, Risk&Co publishes “Pespectives”, a global safety outlook analytical document, combined with a comprehensive risk mapping established on a global scale. Similarly, at both fixed and regular intervals, country risk analysts compare and challenge their assessments for each region of the world and, if necessary, amend their risk ratings, particularly in terms of passenger safety and security.


Risk&Co also provides numerous customised analyses adapted to the needs of its clients. The analysts produce political and security notes, which are distributed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to security departments and managers of companies whose business travellers, expatriates and infrastructures are located in high-risk countries.

Hotel database


For employees on business trips abroad, Risk&Co provides its clients with a database of secure hotels, specifically audited by its experts. Audits are carried out regularly, on the basis of a carefully prepared and frequently updated grid.


Our other services


Risk&Co delivers solutions to train, inform or even directly assist business travellers, before their departure and throughout their journey.


Anticip Academy is Risk&Co’s solution for intuitive and remote training (e-learning) of business travellers, based on fully customisable educational videos.


Anticip Travel is an online, multilingual tool, accessible on all connected terminals, including mobile applications, that enables business travellers to be located thanks to their PNR data.

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