Business Travel: Training

Aware of the risks and threats facing staff (business travellers, expatriates and their families), Risk&Co provides comprehensive, certified training adapted to the protection of individuals.

In order to meet the legal obligations incumbent on the employer in the context of the duty of care, Risk&Co supports its clients by passing on to them its experience and know-how acquired over several decades in the business of protection of personnel in mobility. Risk&Co thus offers its clients both face-to-face training, delivered directly by our experts, and distance learning courses, accessible thanks to Anticip Academy, a multilingual e-learning programme accessible online 24/7 and entirely dedicated to the training of business travellers, expatriates and their families.

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Face-to-face training for business travellers

Risk&Co’s country risk analysts deliver training sessions for business travellers as well as future expatriates and their families.


The “Frequent Travellers” training offer provides the necessary operational recommendations for employees having to travel abroad in complete safety. It includes preparations for the mission, anticipation of risk-prone situations (customs clearance, road itineraries, choice of hotel) and what to do in the event of an incident (health crisis, corruption & racketeering, attack, etc.).


The “Country Presentation” training offer exposes future expatriates to the political and security context of their host country and provides elements of understanding and vigilance on the region and city of residence. It also provides a corpus of recommendations specific to the host country (housing, travel, leisure activities, cultural specificities, etc.).

The Anticip Academy solution: e-learning training

Risk&Co has developed Anticip Academy, an intuitive and accessible online system exclusively dedicated to e-learning training for employees.

A genuine teaching tool, Anticip Academy offers e-learning educational content to Risk&Co’s clients, consisting of around twenty training modules presented in the form of CGI (Computer-generated imagery) animated films.

Lasting an average of three minutes, these mini films provide a comprehensive overview of all issues related to safety and security. The training courses are illustrated by numerous practical case studies, observed by Risk&Co teams over several decades of operations in France and abroad.

Accessible 24/7 on our LMS platform and available in six languages, Anticip Academy provides training to thousands of employees around the world every year.

A comprehensive training service, adapted and certifying

Anticip Academy offers a comprehensive training program, illustrated by films on some thirty complementary themes related to the safety, security and health of employees (risks related to international mobility, information protection, intercultural management, crisis management, etc.).


This program is frequently updated, in order to take into account the evolution of threats as well as to integrate practical feedback from its various users and clients.


The catalogue is also fully customisable and can be adapted to the specific needs of Risk&Co’s clients: an experienced team of country risk consultants and specialised developers is available to complement the existing offer and/or adapt certain contents to the specific needs of its clients.


Attendance can be sanctioned by one or more tests, allowing the validation of the different modules. In the event of success, the platform generates a certificate attesting to the follow-up of the training by the personnel. The content of both the tests and the certificates are fully customisable.

Our other services


Risk&Co has developed unique solutions to train, inform or even directly assist business travellers, either before their departure or throughout their journey.


Thus, the RiskWatcher solution provides companies and business travellers with comprehensive “country” and “health” sheets, sends them daily alerts on different topics of interest and provides access to security and geopolitical analyses adapted to the visited zones.


Anticip Travel is an online, multilingual tool, accessible on all connected terminals, that allows to geolocate and communicate with business travellers thanks to their PNR data in complete security and discretion and, if necessary, to provide them with assistance.


Risk&Co works with a dedicated internal team capable of creating on demand any e-learning support in motion design or 3D within short deadlines and financially adapted to clients’ constraints.

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