ISR services and drones

Risk&Co’s drone experts enjoy a solid operational experience. They also possess the systems engineering skills required to design concepts of operations, adapted to mission and business constraints, and to deploy them over the long term.


The safety engineering services and operational missions provided by Risk&Co’s experts are thus complemented by a combination of ISR and drone products and services.

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Think of ISR as a service

ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) services are commonly used in reference to their military applications. ISR constitutes an integrated intelligence and operations function that encompasses the acquisition, processing and transmission of accurate, relevant and timely information in order to inform operational decision-makers.

Risk&Co extends this doctrine and the use of ISR to the provision of an operational service that can be used by companies in any industry.

Whether it serves a one-off ‘adhoc’ service or a permanent deployment purposes, Risk&Co provides this service with its own operators and drone systems. Equipped with its own autonomous fleet and dedicated pilots, Risk&Co is thus able to carry out missions of collection, analysis and sharing of information for the benefit of its clients. In the event of an immediate operational contingency, Risk&Co’s drones operators and systems can be deployed at short notice.

Finally, Risk&Co offers several training courses related to these systems, in order to support of companies wishing to implement ISR services and operate drones or to meet a specific need on their own.

Cutting-edge technologies at the service of Risk&Co's ISR and drone services

The ISR resources and drones used by Risk&Co are of four types: unmanned drones (UAV), anti-drone systems, satellite imagery and manned ISR. The variety of these systems renders it possible to meet all the needs of client companies, whatever the area of application.

While Risk&Co can mobilise turnkey drone systems that can be used at its clients’ discretion, its teams are also capable of designing customised drone solutions, thanks to several strategic partnerships forged with European leaders in the sector. As a partner of, among others, Thales, Tekever, Delta Drone and Cerbair, Risk&Co has been able to expand its expertise to the design, development and assembly of tailor-made models adapted to the specific needs of its clients. As part of the service provided, the configuration of the drone is thus adjusted as closely as possible to the specificities of the mission entrusted to it.

For services requiring the use of manned ISR or satellite imagery, Risk&Co has chosen to work with experienced and recognised partners in their field, such as Thales and Geo4i. The partnership established with Geo4i enables Risk&Co to offer a complete range of services, combining recognised operational expertise, advanced image and geomatics analyst skills and specific tools for processing mass databases (big data).

Services with multiple fields of application

Risk&Co’s innovative ISR systems and drones enable it to operate with greater efficiency and provide operational added value in a wide range of business sectors, in France and abroad.

In the industrial, infrastructure and network sectors (Oil and Gas, in particular), Risk&Co carries out monitoring and inspections of sensitive sites and networks, as well as stocks control missions. Its ISR means and drone vectors are also used in the civil security spectrum, so as to contribute to the surveillance of natural environments, borders or large urban areas.

Risk&Co also mobilises its ISR and drone resources in the sectors of agriculture and the environment (precision farming, crop surveillance, resource management, natural resource monitoring, etc.), health, including for the management of emergencies (route reconnaissance, transport of blood, materials or medicines, etc.) and freight transport.

Finally, ISR resources and drones can be used for the benefit of the information and media sector, for which Risk&Co provides image capture services (film or photographic production and advertising in particular).

Our other services

ISR and drone resources are mobilised by Risk&Co’s consulting engineers to carry out safety and security engineering missions on sites with a very large footprint or that are difficult to access.

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