Risk&Co offers various training programs for operators, technicians and ISR and drone mission managers, so that they can make the most of the potential of drone solutions in complete safety.

Our tailor-made training programs are based on a proven pedagogical method, including training, assessment, certification and continuous training.

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A comprehensive training program covering all of clients' needs

Risk&Co can provide its clients with a comprehensive training program to train pilots, technicians and engineers alike. This training corpus, both practical and technical, covers all of drone’s functionalities, including data processing and maintenance in operational and safety conditions (MCO – MCS).

Risk&Co’s experts and pilots provide 4 types of training:

  • Remote training
  • Image analyst training
  • Design Engineer training
  • Training in mission planning, preparation and management.

Certified training courses

The use of professional drone systems is subject to specific regulations and requires prior certification.

The training courses offered by Risk&Co are all certified. Following an initial examination of their case, future drone pilots then follow the courses taught by our experts and experienced pilots. Trainees attend evaluation sessions on both theoretical and practical content. Passing the final exam is sanctioned by obtaining a certificate allowing the future operator to use a professional drone.

Design engineer training

Risk&Co has developed a specific training programme to meet the needs of its clients wishing to design and build their own capacity. The “Design Engineer” training course provides the relevant skills needed to design, assemble and adjust drones based on specifications.

The duration of the course is adapted to the initial level of the trainees and is divided into 4 modules:

  • a common basic course, with the detailed presentation of the various components of a drone and the associated theoretical basics
  • design and development of a quadricopter drone (Arducopter)
  • design and development of a fixed-wing drone (Arduplane)
  • design and development of a VTOL drone (Arduplane)

Our other services

Risk&Co offers a full range of information, monitoring and reconaissance services using ISR systems and drones in many sectors of activity.

The ISR systems and drone services can be mobilised by Risk&Co’s consulting engineers to carry out safety and security engineering missions on sites with very large land areas or difficult access.

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