Security support and intervention

When it comes to the security of sensitive sites and critical infrastructures, ISR systems and drones can enable operational teams to assess a situation and decide on immediate action to be taken.

Drones constitute genuine operational assistance tools. They can directly support interventions and enable risk management policies to be adapted in real time. These tools can be usefully complemented and seconded by anti-drone systems, which provide protection against a wide variety of threats (attacks, collisions, hijacking, smuggling, espionage, etc.).

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Support for conventional security teams

For clients facing the risk of malicious acts, drones effectively complement more conventional security systems, particularly in terms of anti-intrusion.

Equipped with on-board cameras, drones are able to capture images and cover areas that conventional CCTV systems do not always reach, thus increasing the visibility of the supervisory teams on the sites.

In the particular case of intrusions on sites forbidden to the public, the use of drone systems enables early detection and location of suspicious individuals, thus facilitating their apprehension by human surveillance agents.

Anti-drone systems for prevention and protection purposes

The democratisation of the use of drone systems, including for domestic use, exposes prime contractors and their personnel to particular risks. In order to anticipate and prevent malicious uses, such as hacking computer networks or damaging sites, Risk&Co provides its clients with a modern and efficient anti-drone system. By securing the airspace on a predefined perimeter, the protection solution implemented by Risk&Co allows, thanks to its multiple sensors, to detect in real time any unauthorised drone intrusion in a predefined airspace, to precisely determine its location, to provide the characteristics of its model and to act in accordance with the security policy in place on the site.

Our other services

Risk&Co offers a full range of information, monitoring and reconnaissance services using ISR systems and drones in many sectors of activity.


The ISR systems and drone services can be mobilised by Risk&Co’s consulting engineers to carry out safety and security engineering missions on sites with very large land areas or difficult access.


Risk&Co’s ISR systems and drone services can be mobilised for support in hazardous areas.

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