Reconnaissance, surveillance and observation

The use of ISR systems and drones constitutes a useful complement to more conventional human and technical safety means (patrols, video protection) used for most reconnaissance, surveillance and observation missions. Their use is all the more justified when sites possess a high level of sensitivity or are difficult to access.

Risk&Co’s range of ISR systems and drones is capable of carrying out the most complex operations in a wide variety of fields.

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ISR missions at the service of your business

The range of ISR systems and drones implemented by Risk&Co can be adapted to all sectors of activity so as to meet the specific needs of its clients in terms of reconnaissance, surveillance and observation.

In the particular case of agriculture and environment related activities, Risk&Co can assist with:

– crop monitoring, analysis of fertiliser needs, disease prevention and detection of missing plants;

– counting and resource management;

– monitoring natural resources, studying the atmosphere, soils and oceans, and assisting in weather forecasting.

In the field of internal and civil security, Risk&Co provides ISR services aimed more specifically at:

  • supporting agents in charge of maritime surveillance and road traffic security;
  • carrying out reconnaissance and observation missions on the occasion of major events (sporting, festive, cultural, etc.);
  • preserve natural habitats (forest fires) and assess the extent of damage in the event of a natural disaster;
  • assist in rescuing people in the event of avalanches and natural disasters (search for victims).


In the industrial, infrastructure and network sectors, Risk&Co can deploy its ISR and drone systems for:

  • the surveillance of sensitive sites and doubt removal operations;
  • monitoring and inspection of transport and energy networks (railways, electricity networks, pipelines, oil and gas pipelines);
  • inventory control (orthophotography).

Advanced technologies

Risk&Co has equipped itself with the most advanced technologies in order to be able to carry out any type of ISR mission, including four distinct technologies: satellite imagery, manned ISR, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) or anti-drone systems. Risk&Co employs qualified and experienced pilots and station operators for each of these technologies.

As part of the support services provided in hazardous areas, the images collected using ISR systems and drones can be sent directly to Risk&Co’s own operational control rooms.

Finally, for the most specific needs, Risk&Co is able to set up tailor-made drone systems, configured according to the specifications and needs of its clients.


Supplying aerial images adapted to clients’ needs

The drone systems used by Risk&Co allow the collection of very high definition aerial images and their restitution by modern processes such as:

– aerial thermography, through the use of a camera and thermal sensors allowing to identify instantaneously heat points and to assess the thermal situation of a site;

– orthophotography, through the assembly of a multitude of aerial images of the same zone, making it possible to obtain a visual over a larger perimeter;

– modelling, through the capture of images taken from different points of view, allowing the visualisation of a zone in 3D;

– multispectral imagery, used in particular in the agricultural sector, through the use of a specific sensor to obtain an ortho-mosaic map by photogrammetry.


Our other services

Risk&Co’s ISR systems and drone services can be mobilised for support in hazardous areas.

Risk&Co can also provide its consulting engineers with Its own ISR resources and drones when It comes to the implementation of complex safety and security engineering projects.

Risk&Co offers several training courses related to these systems.

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