Compliance and Due Diligence

Since the adoption of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in 1977, the fight against acts
of corruption and breaches of probity committed in France and abroad has been constantly
strengthened (adoption of the UK Bribery Act or UKBA in 2010 and the so-called “Sapin 2” Act
on December 9, 2016). For nearly 25 years, the Risk&Co Group has carried out due diligence
and extra-financial investigations of natural and legal persons. These services are provided for
large groups in the industrial, banking and luxury sectors, as well as for medium-sized
companies and SMEs keen to ensure their business practices’ compliance and their business
partners’ integrity.

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Regulatory compliance and stakeholders' integrity

The Risk&Co Group offers a complete range of due diligence services, ranging from simple audits to the most complex investigations. Given corporate obligations to take measures against corruption and to ensure their effectiveness under pain of sanctions, the Risk&Co Group’s experts and consultants audit business practices and, if necessary, strengthen the inhouse procedures in force.

The Risk&Co Group’s analysts map the political and business networks of the targets examined and check the integrity of natural and legal persons in relation to its customers.

These due diligence services meet the Compliance requirements stemming from the so-called “Sapin 2” Act, thereby enabling companies to secure their commercial development.

Third party monitoring

Knowledge about the environment of the individuals and entities being checked and its monitoring are essential in order to be able to anticipate risks and take appropriate measures.
The Risk&Co Group offers a monitoring service (delivery of weekly, monthly or half-yearly reports) and alerts for natural and legal persons monitored by due diligence studies.
The monitoring can be extended to predefined concepts or topics by using cyber intelligence software platforms (open source analysis on the Internet).

The compliance and due diligence services we offer can be supplemented by strategic studies, also offered by the Group.

The study of non-financial risks calls for the expertise of the Risk&Co Group’s Country-Risk analysts.

After having been informed of the due diligence carried out by the Risk&Co Group, company managers wishing to visit the site may also use the Risk&Co Group’s hazardous area support services.


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