Strategic studies

The Risk&Co Group provides its clients support in the definition and implementation of their strategy, in France and abroad. It offers a complete range of services to companies wishing to expand their businesses, from analysing the political, economic and industrial context of the targeted State, to conducting competitive analyses, while also analysing the interplay of stakeholders.

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Analysis of complex environments

The analysis of the targeted State’s political, economic and industrial context is a sine qua non condition for the identification of business opportunities.

The Risk&Co Group analyses the risks associated with positioning in a given market. The Group’s experts and consultants study a project’s political maturity, the stability of the location envisaged, the prospective partners’ reliability and the positioning of possible competitors.

The Risk&Co Group has analysts who are knowledgeable about their respective areas of expertise and who can be mobilised to work on all continents. The Risk&Co Group also has offices and on-site staff for the North Africa/Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa regions.

These multidisciplinary teams cover all geographical and sectoral issues in a large number of business sector: industry, energy, construction, transport, banking and insurance, luxury goods, hotels, environmental services, health, etc.

HighIight decisional networks and comprehending competitive dynamics

The identification and knowledge of decision-making circuits are a prerequisite for the development of any business and/or the consolidation of a commercial or industrial position. Controlling your competitive environment allows you to understand the strategy used by various market players and thereby anticipate changes.

The Risk&Co Group has developed a methodology for undertaking stakeholder mapping, including the use of market intelligence software platforms and enabling the accurate identification of stakeholders (policy makers, economic actors, etc.) and the decision-making circuits related to a given project.

The Risk&Co Group assists companies in the collection, processing and analysis of data relating to their competitors. The Group’s consultants and experts identify the stakeholders, draw up their profiles, study their environment and analyse their news and digital footprints.

The stakeholder mapping carried out by the Risk&Co Group’s consultants and experts is designed as a set of decision-support tools for companies and their managers.

Our other services : 

In the case of foreign countries, decision-making network mapping mobilises the expertise of the Group’s Country-Risk experts.

Strategic studies can also be complemented by the Group’s Compliance and Due Diligence services.

Business managers wishing to develop their business abroad can also use the Risk&Co Group’s support services in hazardous areas.


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