Corporate security

For over twenty-five years, Risk&Co has offered flexible and integrated support services in hazardous aeras.

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Support in hazardous areas

The Group’s consultants and experts work both during exploration phases (business trips) and production phases (deployment of expatriate staff, infrastructure construction), in order to enable the economic and commercial development of companies, with full security.

Comprehensive, modulable and integrated services

Risk&Co’s offer in hazardous areas includes four complementary components:


  • To help companies verify the honourability and integrity of the companies and executives with whom they do business, Risk&Co carries out due diligence services that allow company to assess risk levels associated with foreign investments, particularly in terms of legal, financial, commercial and reputational aspects.
  • In order to identify business opportunities abroad and cover the risks associated with international development, Risk&Co carries out strategic studies which include mapping of the parties and stakeholders and highlighting the decision-making circuits as well as the overall competitive environment.
  • To ensure the protection of expatriates and infrastructures in high-risk areas, Risk&Co provides training for future expatriates, carries out audits, drafts the required documentation (security plan, crisis plan, evacuation plan, etc.) and deploys consultants on site.
  • For the technical assistance of companies operating abroad, Risk&Co provides operational services aimed at ensuring the safety of their employees and infrastructures. These services include the monitoring of employees using geolocation solutions, PSD escorts, crisis management and emergency repatriation services.

Key figures

countries and more, covered by our support services in 2019
security managers deployed worldwide in 2019
+ more than 400
escorts realised in 2019
+ more than 3,500
missions carried out in the Africa-Middle East zone since 2010
operational centres 24/7

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