Country-risk analysis and watch

For medium-sized enterprises as well as large groups, investing in a hazardous country is not something that can be improvised. The Risk&Co Group offers a complete range of services to companies wishing to capture international markets, from location and layout analyses to crisis management, through country risk monitoring and event alerts.

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Facility and Location Threat Assessments


Risk assessment is a key step in conducting an international project. Each of our clients’ investment decisions is based on a precise and up-to-date assessment of the threat status in the country concerned: natural hazards, crime, terrorism, conflicts, political and social instability, etc.

Our country-risk analysts assess the level of security while selecting a site, identify logistics routes (especially for extractive and energy projects) and submit the most appropriate options for arbitration by their clients.

Country-risk monitoring and alerts

The Risk&Co Group informs corporate security departments and directors whose business travellers, expatriates and infrastructure are located in hazardous countries about developments in the local politico-security context, in real time.

A team of about fifteen country-risk analysts, specialised both by geographical area (Africa, Middle East, Asia, Central and South America, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe) and by field of expertise (organised crime, terrorism), keep them informed on the pace of local activity (monthly, weekly or daily follow-up), in various forms:

  • Risk Watcher Platform, which generates daily alerts, customisable by geographical area and subject.
  • Trend charts for monitoring sensitive events with an evolutionary rating of threat levels.
  • Country records (nearly 200 countries and geographical areas covered).


Crisis management support

In the event of a crisis, from the initial hours after it starts, the Risk&Co Group’s country-risk experts provide their interpretation of the events, along with scenarios of possible developments, and issue their initial recommendations to business travellers and expatriates on the actions to be taken.

For the most serious situations, the Risk&Co Group’s country-risk experts produce real-time analyses and disseminate very frequent updates.

Gathered in a crisis cell, our experts remain in constant touch with their clients to keep them continuously informed of changes in the situation on the spot and to advise them in operational decision-making: business continuity, temporary halt or emergency repatriation.

The expertise of the Risk&Co Group’s security and safety engineers can be called upon for location analysis studies, particularly for the protection of physical infrastructure (audit, security and safety plans, business continuity plans, crisis management plans, etc.).

The Risk&Co Group’s cybersecurity consultants can also be asked to carry out audits and provide support for the security of IT infrastructure.
The Risk&Co Group’s analysts are regularly called upon to conduct training for business travellers, expatriates and their families.The Risk&Co Group’s analysts also contribute to strategic intelligence services for their geographical area of expertise: mapping of decision-making networks, integrity and environmental studies, verification of curriculum elements, etc.


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