Operational assistance

Thanks to its expertise in providing assistance in risk-prone areas, Risk&Co is able to intervene wherever its clients operate in order to provide assistance to business travellers, expatriates and their families. Recognised for its operational capabilities and several decades of experience in this specific field, Risk&Co is able to deploy its experts wherever necessary, in order to respond reactively to the needs of its clients facing crisis situations. Risk&Co is thus able to provide technical support in hazardous areas: monitoring and protection of travellers and expatriates, organisation of emergency repatriation, deployment of escorts and specialised drones services, etc.

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Event security

Risk&Co’s expertise is regularly called upon to contribute to the security of events and congresses (MICE) organised abroad. Risk&Co advises its clients both in the choice of cities and sites and in terms of accommodation solutions. For certain sensitive events, Risk&Co also deploys technological solutions capable of guaranteeing the security of data and information exchanged on site.

Anticip Eye Defend: real-time monitoring of personnel and assets

Risk&Co has developed an innovative solution that allows the monitoring of people and property in a secure manner. Designed for security and HSE departments, Anticip Eye Defend™ is a geolocation solution (GSM or satellite system, active or passive) that allows client companies to visualise the positioning of their personnel and assets in real time. The solution is connected 24/7 to our operational centres (Levallois and Dubai), thus enabling its users to be alerted and react consequently without delay in case of anomaly.

The Anticip Eye solution Defend™ is based on two types of mobile applications as well as an operational platform:

– the staff mobile application: downloadable by all employees, it allows to share one’s position, to communicate between HQ and employees and to share multimedia contents in an instantaneous manner;

– the mobile fleet management application, which enables local subsidiaries and HSE departments to manage vehicle fleets, track the routes of drivers and loads, and intervene in the event of danger.

Drone systems: a differentiating asset

The conduct of operations in hazardous areas may require the use of innovative solutions, complementary to traditional intervention capabilities (surveillance of large, extended areas of difficult or dangerous access). Risk&Co is able to deploy a complete range of drone systems adapted to the operational needs and mission duration of its clients. These drones constitute a truly differentiating asset and are all operated by qualified experts, all Risk&Co employees.

Risk&Co also offers its clients relevant training sessions in the use of these state-of-the-art systems.

Crisis management support

In the event of a crisis, Risk&Co’s experts can directly support their clients, using a dedicated hotline, available 24/7. From the first hours after the crisis’ outbreak, they provide initial assessments, allowing to better understand the ongoing events, along with scenarios for change. They also come with initial recommendations on the actions to be taken for business travellers and expatriate personnel in the area affected by the crisis.


Able to form dedicated crisis units, Risk&Co experts are in constant contact with their clients to keep them informed of latest developments in the local situation and provide them with real-time analyses. They also provide updates on the situation as events unfold and advise their clients and partners (authorities, insurance companies, etc.) in making operational decisions: continuation or temporary reduction of activity and emergency repatriation.

In the event of a serious crisis or imminent danger, Risk&Co can also intervene immediately in the area by deploying one or more taskforces. These response teams, made up of former members of special forces as well as negotiators and psychologists, are trained to provide operational assistance, even in deteriorated conditions.


Our other services


The Due Diligence services offered by Risk&Co enable client companies to ensure the probity of their business partners.

The strategic studies carried out by our analysts provide useful support for the international development of client companies. Risk&Co also assists its clients abroad through the operational security of personnel and infrastructures.

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