Protection of expatriates and facilities

In a context marked by a high level of threat, the protection of expatriates and infrastructures conditions both the continuity and the development of a company’s international activity. Risk&Co assists companies, regardless of size, in the operational security of their personnel and infrastructures, in accordance with the legal and jurisprudential obligations incumbent on their managers.

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Global coverage

Risk&Co has subsidiaries in Dubai, Johannesburg and Lagos as well as offices in Dakar and Luxembourg. In addition, thanks to the presence of its consultants in some fifty countries across Africa, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Central and South America, Risk&Co enjoys an extensive logistics network that enables it to provide operational solutions by deploying consultants on site, even in emergency situations.

Conducting security audits in high-risk areas

Risk&Co’s consulting engineers audit infrastructures, both physical (residential buildings, compounds, office buildings, industrial production sites) and intangible (computer networks, information systems, servers) and draw up the security corpus (security master plan, procedures, safety plan, crisis plan, emergency evacuation plan) necessary for the operational functioning of economic players…

Deploying security managers

During the deployment phase and, depending on the scale of the project, Risk&Co can deploy security managers, who are permanently seconded on site on behalf of clients so as to ensure the daily protection of expatriates and infrastructures. Those consultants are deployed on a temporary basis for a period of time adapted to the operational needs and duration of the projects carried out by their clients.


Risk&Co relies on a pool of several dozen experienced consultants, all of whom are salaried and can be mobilised on both onshore and offshore projects. They are rigorously selected and briefed about the challenges and context of the projects and come for the most part, from the armed forces, the Gendarmerie or the National Police. They may also be recruited from the civilian world (graduates of engineering schools). In addition, they are familiar with degraded contexts and environments and are fully interoperable with Risk&Co’s specialist experts in safety engineering and cyber security.

In order to support them in carrying out their mission in complete security, security managers benefit from the 24/7 technological support provided by the many innovative platforms developed by Risk&Co (access to the RiskWatcher 2.0 monitoring platform, Anticip Eye Defend geolocation platform, etc.).


Our other services


Strategic studies can also be complemented by Risk&Co’s Due Diligence services.

The Due Diligence services offered by Risk&Co enable client companies to ensure the probity of their business partners.

In the event of a crisis, Risk&Co is able to deploy its experts in high-risk areas in order to assist its clients in need.

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