Protection of expatriates and facilities

In a context marked by a high threat level, the protection of expatriates and infrastructures is essential both for the continuity and development of an international company. The Risk&Co Group assists companies, regardless of their size, in ensuring the security of their staff and infrastructures, in accordance with the legal and jurisprudential obligations incumbent on their management.

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Global international risk management services

The Risk&Co Group is positioned to cover the entire international security value chain.

Before deployment, the Group’s experts and analysts take all specific risks into account: health, political, social, criminal, terrorist, etc.

They carry out the preliminary location analysis studies and sensitise future expatriates and their families to the behaviours to be observed on site.

The Group’s consulting engineers audit the infrastructures – both physical (residential buildings, compounds, office buildings, industrial production sites) and intangible (computer networks, information systems, servers) – and draft out the security corpus (security master plan, procedures, crisis plan, emergency evacuation plan).

During the deployment phase, depending on the scope of the project, Security Managers can be permanently deployed on site to ensure the continued security of the expatriate and local staff as well as of the infrastructures.

A worldwide presence

Present through its consultants and subsidiaries in more than 40 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America, the Risk&Co Group has a logistical network that enables it to provide operational solutions, including during emergency situations, by deploying consultants on site.

The Risk&Co Group relies on a pool of several dozen consultants, all directly employed by the Group, who can be mobilised for both onshore and offshore projects.

Mostly from the Armed Forces, the National Gendarmerie or the National Police, the Risk&Co Group’s consultants are familiar with degraded environmental contexts and are fully interoperable with security engineering and cybersecurity experts.

Training for expatriation

The Risk&Co Group’s analysts provide training for employees to work abroad.
Its “Country Presentation” training is intended for employees and their families, prior to their departure. It consists of a presentation of the host country’s political and security context, supplemented by a focus on the region and city of residence. It is accompanied by a list of recommendations, both general and specific to the host country (housing, travel, leisure, cultural specificities, etc.).

Our other services

Location analysis studies are carried out by our experts and analysts.
Technical studies relating to physical infrastructures (compounds, offices, industrial production sites) are conducted by our safety/security engineers.
Audits relating to the security of information systems and IT infrastructures are carried out by our cybersecurity engineers.



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