The Anticip and Risk&Co Group now uses modern tools to set up complex video surveillance designs

To answer its clients’ needs, the Anticip and Risk&Co Group developed innovative tools to set up video surveillance for large scale and constraining environments.

The first step was to produce a theoretical study of how to set up the video surveillance. The study was based on maps and then used a non-proprietary design software (one that is not edited by the camera and/or sensor providers). The software generates an optimal visual rendition, taking into account the quality of the pictures, the distance and the needs expressed (surveillance, detection, observation, reconnaissance, identification, strong identification, etc.).

Example of a camera localisation

Drawing from this theoretical layout, information was collected during an aerial shooting using a professional drone. The drone carried two cameras: a high definition 4K camera that captures the visible spectrum; and a thermographic camera for the non-visible spectrum. In 3 days, the experiment validated 260 shots that covered a perimeter of over 15 km. The resulting analysis enabled to produce a comprehensive deliverable, including:

  • Layout map and final location of the cameras
  • Characteristics and performances of the different cameras
  • Exact GPS coordinates of every camera
  • Camera shots in the visible spectrum
  • Camera shots in the invisible spectrum