of turnover earned internationally
subsidiaries in Africa and the Middle East

The Group

Established in 1994, the Risk&Co Group is the French leader in consultancy and engineering in the areas of safety/security and risk management in France and internationally.

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Owned by the French Latour Capital Investment Fund, the Group operates in five major areas:

Providing companies support for the safety/security of their business travellers, expatriates and facilities located in hazardous areas
Strategic intelligence
Safety/security engineering
Mine clearance in on-shore and off-shore environments and the dismantling of ammunition.

In each of these areas, the Risk&Co Group offers its clients comprehensive and integrated solutions, including risk diagnoses, the drafting of master plans and on-site support for their operational implementation.

Its experts, consultants, analysts and consulting engineers form multidisciplinary teams, fully interoperable and able to take action in degraded environments, in emergency and crisis situations.

Our services

Executive Commitee

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Executive Vice President
Secretary General
Corporate Security
International Business Development and Marketing Director
Chief Strategy Officer
Nathalie Félines
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
1 / 6
Béatrice Bacconnet
Executive Vice President
2 / 6
Valens Butery
Secretary General
3 / 6
Bruno de Zélicourt
Corporate Security
4 / 6
Eléonore Forget
International Business Development and Marketing Director
5 / 6
Guillaume Farde
Chief Strategy Officer
6 / 6


Foundation of the Group
Establishment of subsidiaries in South Africa and Nigeria
Creation of the Risk&Co brand
Establishment of the Dubai subsidiary
Equity stake in the Latour Capital Fund
Diversification of business with the acquisition of GEOMINES and EPSILON's safety/security design office – Consultants
Launch of cybersecurity expertise business with the acquisition of SECWAY
Marketing of the OSB17 tactical UAV

Our vision

Risk anticipation and information control are significant competitive advantages in the face of international competition. They are now an integral part of the life of public institutions and businesses.

With nearly two-thirds of its turnover generated internationally and a presence in more than forty countries, the Risk&Co Group is the natural interlocutor for organisations wishing to expand abroad, in all security.
The Risk&Co Group is the only French player to offer comprehensive and integrated support in the field of international security: clearance of explosive ordnance on future sites, verification of the integrity of local partners,

support for business travellers, security of expatriates, protection of physical infrastructure and information system security.

With a long-standing clientele in the high-tech industries’ sector (energy, pharmaceuticals and transportation), gradually extended to other sectors (defence, public institutions, international donors, banking and insurance, luxury goods, hotels, retail, etc.), its experts, consultants, analysts and consulting engineers handle sensitive projects with a high strategic added value.

Our values

Partners of State institutions and companies facing crisis situations, the Risk&Co Group’s employees have developed a spirit of service that sets them apart. Their reliability, their sense of duty and their integrity are the foundations of their professional ethics, which are acknowledged across the world.

Aware of the sensitivity of the projects it conducts, the Risk&Co Group has set itself strong professional and ethical requirements, in accordance with the ISO 37001 standard. In carrying out its projects, the Group complies with the commitments of the United Nations Global Compact on Human Rights, Labour Law and Environmental Protection. It abides by the legal framework of each country in which it works and contributes through its actions (Compliance & Due Diligence) to the application of international legislations relating to acts of corruption and breaches of probity.


Our references

The Risk&Co Group works for a mixed clientele composed of French, European and international institutions as well as private organisations in the high-tech industries, banking, luxury goods, hotel industry and retail sectors.

Quality Commitment

Concerned about the quality of its services, the Risk&Co Group has been ISO 9001 certified since 2017.

The Risk&Co Group also has a Quality Charter. The Risk&Co Group’s management ensures that it is implemented. To make sure of its effectiveness, it has designated a Quality Correspondent who has the skills, resources, authority and independence necessary.
All the Group’s new employees are given a copy of the Quality Charter. The Quality Charter is also distributed to its customers, donors, beneficiaries, suppliers, partners and shareholders.
Suppliers or service providers who deliberately or unintentionally breach the provisions set out in the Quality Charter are liable to have commercial relations with the Group snapped in the absence of remedial measures.

Data protection, Ethics and Compliance

The Risk&Co Group complies with the General Data Protection Regulations and has appointed a Data Protection Officer.
In addition to business ethics, the Risk&Co Group also has a Compliance Officer.


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