The Risk&Co Group provides GICAT members with its regional expertise


The Risk&Co Group is proud to support the arrival of a large French delegation to Egypt Defence Expo (EDEX); an event to be held in Cairo, from December 3 to 5, 2018.

The presence of a French delegation, led by the GICAT, is taking place at a promising time, with the Franco-Egyptian defence relationship and bilateral industrial exchanges reaching an all-time high.

On this occasion, the Risk&Co Group helped to prepare for the arrival of the French delegation by realising – at the request of the GICAT – a study of local market opportunities. This study will help companies better understand the dynamics and identify Egypt’s main players and key industrial projects.

The findings of this study were presented to GICAT members by Colonel (2S) T. GILISTRO, the Risk&Co Group’s Egypt-based consultant and Bassem LAREDJ, PhD & senior MENA analyst and member of the Group’s Strategic Intelligence Business Unit.

The expertise of the Strategic Intelligence Business Unit, combined with the experience of Colonel GILISTRO, helped produce an operational document, able to accurately meet the demands of GICAT members, prior to the departure to Egypt.

As one of the GICAT’s administrators, the Risk&Co Group has a long-standing contribution to supporting SMEs / Mid-cap companies abroad, whether in support of business travellers or through the production of country-risks analyses, or sectoral and market studies.

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