Third edition of the journal Perspectives by Anticip and Risk&co Group

Conflicts, epidemics, geopolitical issues, environment, etc. : international problems are never lacking. Perspectives, a global magazine for safety forecasting, published at the beginning of each year, tries to make an annual review and decipher the repercussions and trends that are emerging for the coming months. This magazine provides a detailed analysis by continent of geopolitical issues, portraits of some of those who make and will make international news and, of course, testimonies of experts who give you keys to understanding.

Download the digital edition of the magazine : Perspectives 2020

For this third edition, we selected a panel of transnational issues such as terrorism, the rise of extremism, mass protests around the world or the increasingly important issue of the environment. In order to support our analyses and make them accessible to as many people as possible, we offer our readers content in various formats: infographics, maps, timelines, etc.

Discover our 2020 risk map among the first pages of the magazine and feel free to download it.

This year, we could not ignore a thematic dossier on Iran. For example, in Perspectives 2020, our experts conducted a thorough study of the situation to help understand the current crisis in the Middle East.

We hope that Perspectives 2020 will provide you with answers and reflections on the issues that surround us and we wish you good reading.

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